FEAST at Battersea Park – 16-18 August 2013

Such a shame I can’t go to this food festival even if it takes place where I live in one of the most beautiful park of London. I will be backpacking in Norway and enjoying beautiful landscapes missing probably a good chocolate cake!

For the people who don’t know what to do this weekend, maybe you should visit this festival where you will enjoy nice food while listening to the different music concerts.

This is probably a good idea for picnic with friends.

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Cake & Bake show 2012 – my experience

I visited the exhibition with a friend on Saturday 22nd September. I didn’t know what to expect as this was the 1st edition. We arrived on the morning with our ticket in hand (all tickets were sold out) and got inside the hall very easily.  We wandered around the stalls and checked the timetable for the different live baking lessons.

I was a little bit disappointed by the overall show even if there were good things.

  • I found the price quite expensive. The tickets were sold at £ 12.50 and you needed to pay £ 3 to get a programm…
  • the exhibition was too focused on sugarcraft. In my opinion, baking is more than icing and cupcakes even if there was a show about how to make a good bread – if you wanted to have more traditional baking, you should have booked a class as there was a class on this subject. However, you had to buy another ticket to participate to this class.
  • Too many stalls selling cupcake cases –  I would have appreciated to have more stall where to find baking equipments as mixer…
  • the restauration area was a little sad and for a baking show we cannot say that there were a lot of different cakes to try and buy.

The good points were:

  • different baking classes took place in the “Cake kitchen” – This area was like a theatre were famous baker was performing a recipe in live in front of you. It was really welcoming. This is probably what I prefered.
  • possibilities to attend some classes (icing class, macarons, bread, traditional cakes)
  • for a 1st edition, the overall organization was good

I had a great time with my friend on this show but I had to say that I missed something. I had the feeling that I only learnt about cupcakes and icing. I am sure that the sugarcraft fans loved it as they could get numerous tips. I don’t know if I will go to the next edition but as it was the first edition, the next one can only be better!

The Chocolate Festival – 7th – 9th December 2012

As I already told you previously, I love chocolate. If like myself, you have a passion for chocolate, don’t miss the Chocolate Festival.

This event will take place in London from 7h to 9th December 2012. It could be a great idea to visit this exhibition to find some delicious presents for friends and family for Chistmas!

For further details, click on the link below.